Summer DBT Skills Intensive for Teens

For teens who are ready to go from anxious and impulsive to calm and coping in just 5 days! 

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Does Your Teen? 

  • Have "big emotional" reactions and not know why?
  • Make frequent critical judgments or harsh statements about themselves?
  • Miss days of school due to fear of being judged, friendships issues, or worrying about grades? 
  • Tend to dwell on the negative aspects of life?
  • Avoid negative feelings by isolating, shutting down, or self-harming? 
  • Feel hopeless or helpless and have a hard time being motivated? 
  • Feel misunderstood or alone? 

Put an End to The Emotional Rollercoaster

DBT is Clinically Proven to Decrease Depression and Anxiety!  

Develop Effective Coping Skills 

Learn effective coping skills to manage overwhelming emotions without acting impulsively and making things worse. 

Improve Relationships  

Learn to clearly communicate your needs so you can ask for help before the crisis occurs and improve relationships with friends and family. 

Make Healthy Decisions

Learn how to identify your early warning signs and what you feel when so you know what skills to use in the moment can make effective decisions.

DBT Skills Summer Intensive  

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DBT Intensive Will Help Your Teen... 

  • Develop awareness of their emotions so they can experience distress without acting on impulsive urges and making things worse.
  • Learn how to self-soothe and handle crisis in the moment so they no longer self-harm or avoid distress AND they build confidence for long-lasting change.
  • Learn concrete strategies to reduce vulnerability to stress and overwhelm so they can handle uncomfortable feelings in the moment.
  • Learn to recognize and silence their inner critic and to let go of self-judgements and comparisons so they can feel comfortable in thier own skin and become their best self.
  • Learn how to clearly communicate their needs so they can reduce frustrations and arguments in relationships with family and friends. 

The Details:




DBT Skills Summer Intensive is:

Date: June 22-June 26, 2020

Times: 9am-12pm

Address: 51 Depot Street

Watertown, CT 06795

Room: 2nd Floor Owl Center

Ages: Our summer intensive is for 

teens 13-17 years old who would benefit 

from DBT skills. 

**Because there are only 10 spots available we are limiting this opportunity to participants who need and would benefit most from DBT skills. Reserve Your Spot Today! 

Art and Self-Expression

Yoga and Meditation


Help Your Teen Go From Overwhelmed to Supported and Skillful!  

It's time for your teen to create the life they deserve AND have the skills to maintain it!! 

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